Sentinel Stories

“Sentinels of Freedom opened the door to amazing opportunities for my family and me, opportunities I didn’t have before. SOF has put me in the position to be a significant member of my community, and I hope to impact other lives the way the Sentinels of Freedom has impacted the lives of my family and me.”

— Brian Vargas

Brian Vargas

Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps
Master's in Social Welfare

Brian always knew he wanted to serve his country. It was no surprise to anyone when he joined the Marine Corps right after high school. Soon after, he deployed to the West Albar Province in Iraq.

During this deployment, an enemy sniper shot Brian in his left hand and the right side of his face, leaving him unconscious. He was soon evacuated stateside, where he faced a grueling rehabilitation that included treatment for a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Brian faced many hardships from his TBI, including memory, focus, and concentration difficulties. Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) has been there to support Brian and his family every step of the way. Brian is a go-getter and a driven learner who has persevered through it all with help from SOF and his wife, Monica.

Brian graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in social welfare. Passionate about helping other veterans, he’s currently attending his alma mater to pursue a master’s degree in social welfare.

Sentinels of Freedom takes pride in supporting Brian along the way. Characteristically, he humbly shares the credit for his remarkable transition with the SOF program.

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