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“Transitioning from military service to civilian life was a challenge in itself, but it was an entirely different challenge gearing up to go to college as a 25-year-old veteran. Speaking to multiple mentors as well as a financial specialist has not only put me at ease but my family as well. I hope to repay the kindness and support they have given me thus far.”

— Brad Hojek

Brad Hojek

Staff Sergeant, US Army Ranger

Brad was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Chicago. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the US Army. After a lot of hard work, Brad became an Army Ranger. During his six years as an Army Ranger, he conducted four combat deployments, one to Iraq and three to Afghanistan.

While conducting a night raid to detain a high-value target in northern Afghanistan, Brad sustained three gunshot wounds to his abdomen, right hip, and left femur, resulting in permanent compromised range of motion and sciatic nerve damage. His recovery would span almost two years of undergoing multiple surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy.

Brad then met Sentinels of Freedom (SOF). The SOF program supported him through a housing and living subsidy as he completed his bachelor’s degree in biology at Lewis University in Illinois. Shortly after graduating, he also passed his Athletic Trainer certification. He is continuing his education at Midwestern University seeking a graduate degree in medicine. He hopes to one-day help rehab injured athletes and military personnel. He currently lives in Romeoville, Illinois, with his wife, Michelle, and their son.

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