Sergeant Daniel Jagodzinski, US Army

Jagodzinski photo 2014 (3)Daniel Jagodzinski was raised in Memphis, Michigan. Growing up, Boy Scouts was a huge part of his life: with a great support system, he earned his Eagle Scout award – the highest rank attainable in the program – at just the young age of 14. Having been in leadership roles for most of his life and because he enjoyed and had great respect for the military style in which things were run in his Boy Scout troop, Daniel started to wonder what it would be like to be in the military. After having done a substantial amount of research, he picked a unit of high integrity and discipline, a place where he knew he could make a difference and do his part in protecting our nation: the 75th Ranger Regiment. Then, on March 21st, 2007, he enlisted as a Private First Class with a contract to the Regiment.

However, Daniel’s career with the 3rd Ranger Battalion was cut short: on April 19th, 2010, he was shot in the abdomen while conducting combat operations. Daniel suffered severe damage to his internal organs, hearing loss, and a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of the incident.

View More: of his injuries, Daniel is very grateful for the time that he was able to serve, and he continues to view his life in a positive light. He believes that one of the greatest things to come from his injuries is his ability to now help fellow Rangers who have been injured. Through his position as a recovery section platoon sergeant, Daniel has managed more than 20 Ranger recoveries. He has started recovery processes, assisted Rangers to transition back to duty, and helped them apply to school and retire. He has also travelled to San Antonio Military Center and Walter Reed National Medical Center in assistance of Rangers who were just injured, leading their care and making sure that they and their families were taken care of. While assisting Rangers at Walter Reed, Daniel was most fortunate to meet President Barack Obama.

Daniel retired in December 2013. He is currently studying Business at Walsh College, from where he will graduate with his B.B.A in the fall of 2017. Daniel is a member of the college’s Student Veteran Association and Management Association and believes that the degree and his involvement will not only give him a leg up in the business world but also enable him to better help charities in support of wounded service members.

Daniel is currently interviewing with several organizations for employment after his graduation. Down the road, his end goal is to pursue agri-business by having his own organic farm. In the meantime, he is doing backyard gardening to experiment with different seeds and plant varieties. Currently, Daniel lives in Michigan with his wife, Kadee, and young daughter, Izabel.