What are Student Veteran Resource Centers (SVRC)?

SVRCs are on-campus centers at institutions of higher learning that meet the specific needs of student Veterans.

Why are SVRCs needed?

Student Veterans have a different college experience than civilian students. During their time in service, Veterans face many challenges, and some have experienced severe trauma and loss. It is for this reason that the transition back into civilian life offers many obstacles. We are duty-bound to assist these heroes during this transitional phase of their life.

SVRCs provide the optimal support system and atmosphere for student Veterans and will facilitate their academic success. We believe that these centers will not only allow student Veterans to thrive academically but will also provide the resources necessary for a successful transition back to civilian life.

For more information on the benefit and necessity of student Veteran support resources, please see Assessing Student Success Efforts for Military Students in a California Community College by Bob Kratochvil and Success in 3-D for Student Veterans by Student Veterans of America and Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.

What do SVRCs provide?

  • Safe Spaces away from the hustle and bustle of campus life so Veterans can decompress. This is of particular importance for those with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Study Areas allowing for a quiet space to complete assignments
  • Access to Veteran Resources and Materials through the networks established by the Student Veterans Organization (SVO), the institution of higher learning, and Sentinels of Freedom
  • Place to Connect with the Veteran Community, to be with others who understand what it is like to have served and to walk with those who are also transitioning back to civilian life
  • Promotes Leadership and Community Service; each Student Veterans Organization is required to engage in at least one community service project each year
  • Academic Advising specific to student Veterans

How do we meet the needs of student Veterans?

Each SVRC will provide a physical safe space, connections to available Veteran’s resources, and a community through common areas and events.

Before an SVRC can be established on a campus, we require a partnership with the institution of higher learning, the establishment of a Student Veterans Organization (SVO) if one does not already exist, and a commitment to at least one community service project per year by the SVO.

How do we set up an SVRC?

  • We serve as an advocate for the needs of student Veterans by partnering with corporations who will provide the necessary financial resources
  • We partner with the institution of higher learning to find a space suitable for the SVRC
  • We work with existing Student Veterans Organization (SVO) or, if an SVO does not exist, we assist in the formation of one, to best support the needs of student Veterans on that campus

Current SOF SVRC locations:

  • San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. Sponsored by PG&E
  • College of Alameda, Alameda, California. Sponsored by PG&E
  • Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California. Sponsored by Lennar Urban
  • Contra Costa College, San Pablo, California. Sponsored by Workday.
  • Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, California. Sponsored by PG&E
  • Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee. This center is named in honor of Charlie Daniels for his unwavering support of Veterans

If you are a corporation or individual interested in supporting these centers, please contact SOF at

If you are a Student Veterans Organization or institution of higher learning interested in setting up your own SVRC, please contact Annie Fasanaro at or Mike Conklin at