What is a Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship?

A Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship is a 2-4 year scholarship that focuses support in Education, Housing, Mentoring, Employment, Career and Networking Assistance, and Financial Planning to severely wounded or injured post 9/11 Veterans who are pursuing their higher education after transitioning from the military. More questions? Explore our FAQ.

What are SOF Scholarship Recipients called?

Scholarship recipients are called ‘Sentinels’ in order to honor the sacrifice they have made for our nation. Our Sentinels have stood guard for us, and now it is our turn to assist them in their transition back to civilian life and to honor all they have done for us as they strive for success on their new path.

What do we provide to our Sentinels?

SOF provides our Sentinels with a nominal housing subsidy while they are pursuing their education. The housing subsidy is designed to assist with any gaps in Vocational Rehabilitation or GI Bill payments and also provides Sentinels with the opportunity to focus their attention on their studies while striving for financial independence.

SOF also provides mentoring and networking opportunities, typically within a Sentinel’s third and fourth year of school. Connections and introductions are also made between our Sentinels and a financial coach/planner.

How do we help meet the needs of our Sentinels?

The relationship between SOF staff and our Sentinels is personal, prolonged, and proactive. SOF staff communicates with our Sentinels multiple times throughout the year to ensure that any needs we may be able to assist with are discussed and considered. Each scholarship can be tailored to the needs of the Sentinel if deemed necessary.

How do I become a Sentinel?

Applications are due June 1st for Fall school enrollment and November 1st for Spring school enrollment.

Meet our Sentinels: