Sentinels of Freedom Ambassador Program

What is the purpose of the Sentinels of Freedom Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador program is designed to facilitate the expansion and support of the proven success of our program to more communities, corporations and individuals by adding new Sentinel Ambassadors to enrich the SOF Program


What is a Sentinels of Freedom Ambassador?

A Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) Ambassador is a volunteer; they help by representing and supporting SOF and our mission.


Ambassador Core Values and Expectations

Ambassador share the same core values and expectations of SOF

Empowerment – The purpose of Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) is to empower our Sentinels, not through charity, but through partnering with them to achieve their goals. We believe in a hand up, not handouts.

Integrity – Honesty and having strong moral principles are an important cornerstone of our organization.

Honor & Respect – Understanding sacrifice our Sentinels have made and a desire to give back to these heroes.

Initiative – Proactive in being advocates for wounded and injured veterans.

Professionalism – We expect our Ambassadors to maintain the highest levels of professionalism both on our behalf and in their personal lives.


What do Ambassadors provide?

  1. Represent and support SOF and our mission
  2. Use of their network or the targeted list of prospective investors provided by SOF in their locality to make connections to SOF. Screen and inform potential investors of SOF mission
  3. Solicit, identify and personally introduce 6-8 contacts per year to SOF Chairman
  4. Assist in mentor recruitment for Sentinel Scholarship Recipients
  5. Attend and/ or host local SOF events

How do they help us meet the needs of our Sentinels?

Without the support of volunteers we could not provide the services that we do to our Sentinel Scholarship Recipients. Ambassador’s spread the word about the mission of the program and helps find potential investors and prospective new Sentinels. They are also valuable in finding mentoring and networking opportunities for the Sentinels.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors must meet the following criteria:

  1. Business professional; working or retired
  2. Passion to help support armed forces veterans and represent SOF
  3. Submit to a 20 minute phone interview
  4. Commit to a one year term; renewable by agreement of both parties
  5. Maintain seamless communication with SOF and potential investors; return calls/emails in a timely manner

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please fill out our ambassador questionnaire:


Company work/ worked for:

Job Title

Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces?:

No Yes 

If yes, which branch:

Do you have volunteer experience?

 No Yes

If yes, where:

Contact Information



Why do you want to become a SOF Ambassador?