At Sentinels of Freedom, we are grateful for your support and the impact it has had on the wounded and injured Veterans in our program. We are dedicated to good governance and impact of our mission.

For 2016, we are proud to report that 83% of every dollar raised was applied directly to support our scholarship recipients, our Sentinels. CharityWatch considers a charity to be highly efficient when their program costs*  are 75% or higher of their total budget.

We believe in transparency in showing you where your money goes. Below, you will find a link to all of our financials since our inception in 2007. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

*The IRS calculates overhead by adding administrative (IRS Form 990, Part IX, Line 25,Column C) and fundraising (IRS Form 990, Part IX, Line 25, Column D) costs and dividing by total expenses (IRS Form 990, Part IX, Line 25, Column A). This average can be derived from the front page and page 10 of the SOF form 990.