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  • “Sentinels of Freedom has mentored me over the years: first during the transition to civilian life, then while pursuing a college degree, and finally in securing my first real job. I always know I have someone to call or write if I have questions about anything. By providing me with a housing allowance, SOF has also provided me with financial security, allowing me to take bolder risks in pursuing my education and job hunt. I would not have made it as far as I have without the tireless efforts of everyone at Sentinels of Freedom. I can only imagine the same effect echoes in every Veteran whom they have helped.”

    Josiah White, US Marine Corps
  • “Sentinels of Freedom has helped me strive in school in many ways. The scholarship has lessened the stress of college life as a combat wounded Veteran. The Sentinels of Freedom hold me accountable for my grades and show support of guidance. For all of this, I am very grateful.”

    Kevin Honaker, US Marine Corps
  • “What we have here [in America] is truly amazing and should not be taken for granted. The Sentinels of Freedom Foundation is helping us remember that and is helping support service members. They truly give back and say thanks to those that sacrifice so much. When I get phone calls from SOF, it is not just about business and school and ‘What are your grades?’ – it’s also about ‘How’s Kyle doing?’ and how’s the student who is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina doing?’ It’s about me, it’s personal; they truly do care.

    SOF has truly been a blessing in my life and has helped comfort me. Financially, they have helped me save my money and put me in a better position to be successful in life and for my next endeavor and future mission whatever that may be.”

    Kyle Carpenter, US Marine Corps
  • “While my college classes have helped me develop and sharpen my skills, Sentinels of Freedom has given me a sense of relief by supporting my academics as well as my family life.The SOF scholarship helps me stay focused on what’s important: my future. By alleviating the economic pressures that may interfere with my education, SOF truly has helped me in ways that I can hardly describe in words.”

    Jessie Fletcher, US Marine Corps
  • “To me, Sentinels of Freedom means a team of compassionate, selfless individuals who are there to aid me in my journey of finishing my education and attaining future employment. All they ask in return is that I do my best; they are true silent professionals who never seek personal recognition for their altruistic acts. SOF affords me the luxury of being able to boldly and fearlessly attack my goals head on with the knowledge that if I fail, they will be there to support me. Having that advantage truly gives me a leg up on most of my competition.”

    Tyler Anderson, US Army
  • “Sentinels of Freedom has been an amazing pillar of help and support to my family in the last few months. The financial aspects of the program are great, but the real benefit to being a Sentinel is knowing that if my family needs ANYTHING, they are just a phone call away. That peace of mind is priceless as we transition to our new lives.”

    Justin Avila, US Navy
  • “Sentinels of Freedom has provided me with financial assistance, allowing me to concentrate on my education. Additionally, a professional mentor has been assigned to me, giving me yet another networking opportunity. More important than both financial and professional assistance is the reassurance that there are good men and women working to take care of our nation’s severely wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. Being guided through the tumultuous transition from the Marine Corps to George Mason University by an organization experienced in helping people in my situation has greatly aided both my personal and professional development.”

    Jacob Fox, US Marine Corps
  • I am lucky to have SOF to mentor me through one of the most difficult transition phases in my life, helping me feel more at ease. SOF has inspired me to become a better person. . . . Sentinels of Freedom provides housing assistance so that I can focus on my education and not stress about how I am going to provide for my wife and newborn son while in school full time.

    Kyle Garcia, US Marines

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